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Paternity Actions

Louisiana recognizes the rights of a father both to accept paternity without genetic testing and to challenge it. Should the mother or other party to an action request a paternity test, the court has the right to order a paternity test and require any refusing party to take it.

For those who choose to acknowledge paternity without a test, or for whom a paternity test indicates the child is his, the ramifications are considerable—and permanent. Men who acknowledge or are proven to be fathers have the right to petition the court for custody or visitation rights, and can be obligated to pay child support. The child in question acquires rights of inheritance.

Paternity suits can have unpleasant consequences for everyone involved, and yet they can be a necessary reality in cases of divorce, asset distribution, estate settlement and other actions. Attorney Stephen Rue leads her clients through the process of evaluating whether or not to acknowledge paternity or require a test, and, in the event a test is ordered, of reviewing the paternity test results and taking action, regardless of the outcome.

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